6 steps to License FannyD Art images

Please follow the following steps to license any of my artwork for commercial use:

  1. Purchase the "personal use" download file(s) from www.FannyDArtDownloads.etsy.com 
  2. If you are a small business (5 employees or less) click on the small business art licensing link in the menu on the left of the webpage. Businesses with 6 or more employees must purchase the Enterprise art licenses.
  3. Choose the amount of monthly licenses you would like to purchase. You can choose 1, 3, 5 or 10 images at a time. If you would like to license more than 10 images you can update the qty at checkout. Click on "Get Monthly License"
  4. Fill out all of the details on the checkout page including your name, address, email, phone# as well as your payment details.
  5. Enter the LIC-ID#'s of all the images you want to license for your physical products. The LIC-ID# is found in the title of the image you downloaded from Etsy. You can only enter 10 LIC-ID#'s per line. You must enter at least 1 LIC-ID# in the first box (1-10) in order to checkout. Please remember to update the License qty at the top of the form if you enter more than 10 LIC-ID#'s. Example: To license 20 images you must select qty 2 in the 10 License checkout screen and then enter LIC-ID# 1-10 in the first box and LIC-ID# 2-20 in the second box.
  6. Click on the "Acquire monthly License" button. Your card will be charged the appropriate amount immediately.

    You will receive an email with your payment receipt and an invitation to sign up for our customer portal where you can update or change your plan as well as see your past or upcoming payments, invoices and licenses. You are now ready to start selling your physical products with FannyD artwork :)


    These licenses are valid upon first monthly payment and remain valid for as long as monthly license payments are made. You may update your license subscription plan at any time through the customer portal.

    All licenses are auto-renewed monthly until cancelled. Once cancelled the image may no longer be used on your physical products.

    This image use license is good for PHYSICAL PRODUCTS ONLY and does not grant permission to sell or share the digital file in whole or as part of your own digital design.

    If you are having any questions or would like to license more than 40 images please contact us by clicking on the contact us link or using the contact us form in the main menu. We usually reply within a few hours (mon-fri 7am-5pm Atlantic time)